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SPQM c1s13

The patrol gets invited to Praetor Urbanus Mamercus, a simple dinner, ''simplicitas'' as he calls it. It's just three meals and frosted fruit juice as the last extra meal. When they ''happen'' to mention their work in The Pretorian Guard Mamercus stears the talk into the sadly lost Gold Age and asks if they might have the strength and character to act as if The Gold Age had returned, if it would be possible for them to carry out the new secret mission as if it was Gold Age again. He then mentions the secret mission that only Gaius should know about. Well, Mamercus is Praetor urbanus and very influential in The Senate. He probaly hears most things. He almost gives them the mission to seek out a mysterious dissident in the north cities among The Free Farming Cities and the Gaius should lead that mission although it might involve several patrols, that's why it's so special. Missions with several patrols acting together focused on the same task is a rare thing these days in a dwindling Silver Age.

The next day Gaius seek information about trade troubles that could either give clues to the slight shortage of food that has raised the prices some or give clues about someone pulling strings to accomplish this. In the short time they have before they should be ready for the secret mission he doesn't manage to do that. Dekia tries to convince one of the tribunes that it would be wise to let them not go on mission with Nona's and Faustus' patrols (Dekia's and Gaius' enemies respectively). Nona is trying to get to stay in Asylum for the summer to work on her career in The Senate and the officials. The laying suggestion is Gaius' and Volcatius' patrol (Volcatius is Lucius enemy). That on the other hand wasn't what the patrol wanted, they wanted to have four patrols but not the three patrols led by their enemies. Also Volcatius is suggested as first centurio. 

The patrol tries to convince the tribunes that they should send four patrols, one is their own and none of the three are the patrols of their enemies (Conflict, Won with Major Compromise => Four patrols but the three others are led by their enemies). In the end the mission shall be accomplished by four patrol; Gaius', Volcatius', Nona's and Faustus' patrol. Also Nona has some extra secret mission that might lake her sometimes unavailable for the mission to be carried out by Gaius and the other patrols.

Gaius is first centurio and leads the operation. The other patrol leaders are:
* Volcatius, plebeian who dislikes nobiles and especially Lucius.
* Fausus, nobiles who dislikes Gaius since their time together in the beginning of their time in The Pretorian Guard.
* Nona, nobiles who dislikes plebeians and Dekia especially and on top of everything Dekia isn't a citizen of Asylum but just a socii (a foreigner that has gained some citizen rights but for example not the right to vote of being a family head).

Just the perfect mice to cooperate on one of the biggest missions on hand for The Pretorian Guard.

The mission is to find and ''take care of'' the, so called, Miller in the Free Farming Cities. He or she is supposed to be behind the beginning food shortage that makes the food in Asylum more expensive, something that could escalate if it affects the deliverence of food to the poor in Asylum. Then unrest would be at hand. The proletarians and many plebeians would also become easily swayed by political movers. The patrol tries to convince the other patrols that this is actually a good idea and that the mission is that important that they should put their enemities aside for the duration of the mission (Obstacle: Persuader, Fail with a Twist). Nona takes the matter about her not having to join the mission but persuing her carreer in Asylum to the tribune assembly who quickly backs up the earlier decision by the single tribune (End of GM's Turn).

After this Gaius tries to get Nona cast out of The Pretorian Guard for her refusing to follow order (Check: Persuader, Fail with a Twist)

Lucius has a session with his forefathers at the alter at home and at the big temple for the forefathers in Asylum and manage to get on better terms with them again (Check: Remove On Bad Terms with the Forefathers, Passed).

Lucius, his father and Nona's mother persuade Nona to cooperate for the good of the clan. She be that egoistic, she is a part of the clan (Persuader, Passed).

Gaius patrol and the other two patrols, not Nona's, arranges for a ship to take them to Lostora (Check, Passed).

Dekia says that the weather's gonna be fine during the first part of the trip to Lostora (Check: Fail with a Twist).

The four patrols, 14 mice, then sail on a pretorian trireme to Lostora a harbour and trade city at the coast not far from the biggest city of the farming cities, Rustica (Check: Resources, Passed, to get food and other resources easily to get to Lostora as fast as possible).  Soon the weather changes and the weather of the Mite days in the Late Summer is worse than in many years (Twist: Health roll to not receive Condition Sick). They are also unlucky and don't manage to do the trip before or after Vestalia, an important ceremony for the household and their forefathers (Twist, Ceremony Master to not get Condition On Bad Terms with the Forefathers, Succeed with Condition). After one of the shorter but more interesting sailings to Lostora they arrive in the harbour where they see many ships from the northen cities and also ships from Asylum and Navalia (End of Player's Turn).

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