Friday, April 17, 2015

Gast, a player character for tSoC, c6

Updated 20150424, stunts

Chosen name: Gast/Ghost

Everyday name:  Leo/Leo

Kitten name:  Bruntass/Brownpaw

True name: ---

High concept:
Newly immigrated Egyptian Abyssinian cat shaper

Trouble aspect:
Greater than the rest of the Roman cats because of the Egyptian closer bond to Bastet

Character aspect 1:

Character aspect 2:

Character aspect 3:
Suspicious of...

Sand coloured siames patterned Abyssinian cat with a brown front paw

A lesser senator

Physical stress: 3

Mental stress: 3

Shaping +4
Deceive +3
Stealth +3
Territory +2
Will +2
Physique +2
Warding +1
Naming +1
Seeking +1
Notice +1

Deceive, Ventriloquist, +2 at deceiving others that the voice is coming from another adjacent zone.
Stealth, Prowl, +2 to stealth when hearing is the main way to discover the cat.
Stealth, Surprise! Once per session, the cat can reveal itself in a scen where it wasn't participating in from the beginning.
Warding, Invisibility, the cat whispers it's true name backwards and creates an inverted ward around itself which makes it and eventually other animals invisible.
Shaping, Shadow form, by whispering it's true name to the darkness the cat obtains a shadowy form. The cat can see in total darkness, is invulnerable to physical attacks, can slip through a shadow wide cracks but must stay in the shadows and darkness.
Shaping, Disguise, the cat can change it's appearance or even look like another cat.

We also did the FATE Core Phase trio to connect the characters with each other. Those stories will be published separately.

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