Saturday, April 18, 2015

Gast's phase trio story for tSoC, c6

When Gast's burden the senator returned to Rome from Alexandria (where Gast had his vision about the senator and that he was his burden) Gast followed him on the boat trip (properly cared for by the sailors, no one wants sto mistreat an Egyptian cat when leaving Egypt). When they arrived to Ostia and the luggage was reloaded to barges for the river trip to Rome the crate with the senators Nile crocodile was dropped and suddenly the senator faced an irritated and hungry crocodile. Gast jumped in between and drove back the crocodile long enough for the handlers to capture it again.

Svansglidaren notices that something supernatural is influencing the crocodile and making it more aggressive than normal but manage to hold it off with his Warding skills.

Since the senator seems to be in an exposed position Grå helps Gast with the protection of the seantor through the streets of Rome when the barges have landed in Rome.

Cat scares off alligator

Cat and alligator decides on who gets dinner

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