Saturday, April 18, 2015

Grå's phase trio story for tSoC, c6

In the middle of a night a burglar climbed in the window of Julia's window (Grå's burden). A short and for the burglar painful struggle erupted and woke up the familia. Sadly the thief managed to escape the same way she came.

Tryggtass was nearby when the burglar and Grå started their fight. When the burglar climbed out the window she got another cat in her head when Tryggtass jumped her from above. When she fell down from the second floor she got delayed and Grå got time to run out and lead the family head to thief who got arrested.

The burglar brought and dropped a flask of poison and Gast finds this and brings it to his burden's slave and shows where it was found. Since the senator that's Gast's burden get most of his pastry from this specific pastry chef he got a valuable lesson on the political climate and the weapons used in the modern Rome (the new principate and the way people achieve they goals as opposed to the old glorious republic).

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