Thursday, April 16, 2015

Svansglidaren, a player character for tSoC, c6

Chosen name: Svansglidaren/Tailsurfer

Everyday name:  Oculus/Oculus

Kitten name:  Svanssnurran/Tailswivel

True name: ---

High concept:
Way too self-confident Warden of Cats. And humans.

Trouble aspect:
Promises the moon

Character aspect 1:
Quick-witted but incautious

Character aspect 2:

Character aspect 3:
To be decided in the first moments of play

Small black cat with a distinct white ring around one eye and with a very active tail.

Senator Manuel and family, local impopular politicians, iberian, military career into civil office, married to a greek woman, lives in a small domus at Palantine's lowest level.

Physical stress: 2

Mental stress: 3

Warding +4
Stealth +3
Burglary +3
Athletics +2
Territory +2
Notice +2
Empathy +1
Will +1
Fight +1
Seeking +1

Burglary: Getaway cat, use Burglary instead of Athletics when fleeing.
Stealth: Prowl, +2 Stealth when hearing is the main way to hear Tailsurfer
Notice: Preternatural awareness, +2 on noticing invisible beings, astral travellers and other subtle supernatural things.

Seeking: Invisible, become one with shadows and darkness and hard to spot.
Warding: Cat walk (exclusive): Become one with the air and create bridges to climb to get to places.
Seeking: Dreamwalking, attune yourself to a sleeping being and visit their dream.

We also did the FATE Core Phase trio to connect the characters with each other. Those stories will be published separately.

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