Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Secrets of Cats Ancient Rome Edition, c6

So after a break with another gamemaster and some partly nostalgic science fiction role-playing in a 1980's that never was, partly inspired by Simon Stålenhag's pictures ( we're back in ancient Rome, sentient animals and me as gamemaster. It's not ferrets this time (which actually wasn't in ancient Rome) but cats, second best to ferrets. The setting was chosen by voting in a simple Google forms. Everyone put one to five points on all three ideas:

  • Agon, Odysseus wasn't the only hero with a too big ego and therefore was misled on the way home from Troy.
  • Tooth and Claw The Ancient Rome Edition, unknowingly by man many households are kept safe from many different dangers by the ferrets in the household. The sentient ferrets work under cover of an image of non-sentient careless pets and often by night. Some magical beings from Greco-Roman mythology exists but it's very low-key.
  • The Secrets of Cats The Ancient Rome Edition, men and women doesn't know about it but many of the dangers for humankind is averted by the sentient cats who work under cover of an image of non-sentient non-caring egoistic pets. The whole ancient Mediterranean mythology, almost all of it at least is true; from Baal and Jahve to Zeus and Iupiter, from roman nature spirits, lemures, penates to greek heros. The magic i still quite low-key and the cats have to keep everything a secret but the magic is much more present and common. Humans don't have a full insight in this though.
The Secrets of Cats won so we made characters last night and I will present the characters here and try to blog some about the adventures here. The system chosen is FATE Accelerated with some additions from FATE Core.

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