Friday, April 17, 2015

Tryggtass, a player character for tSoC, c6

Chosen name: Tryggtass/Safepaw

Everyday name:  Sansan/Sansan

Kitten name:  Långöra/Longear

True name: ---

High concept:
Experienced and hungry for knowledge acrobat.

Trouble aspect:
Always curious

Character aspect 1:
Keen hearing

Character aspect 2:
Everybody has something good in them

Character aspect 3:
To be decided in early gaming


All the children in her insula

Physical stress: 2

Mental stress: 3

Athletics +4
Investigate +3
Stealth +3
Will +2
Notice +2
Burglary +2
Empathy +1
Rapport +1
Lore +1
Territory +1

Investigation: Insatiable curiosity, +2 Will when someone tries to persuade her to stop investigate
Lore: Literate, +2 when reading could help
Athletics: Death from above, Athletics instead of fight when jumping her enemy from above.

We also did the FATE Core Phase trio to connect the characters with each other. Those stories will be published separately.

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