Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Grå, a player character for tSoC, c6

Chosen name: Grå / Grey

Everyday name: Tretass / Three-paw

Kitten name: Purr / Purr

True name: ---

High concept:
Ambitious hunter

Trouble aspect:
Has a very soft spot for good resting places

Character aspect 1:
Open windows must be guarded

Character aspect 2:
Trust associates

Character aspect 3:
Hit hard

Dappled in different nuances of grey except three paw which are of a reddish colour

The daughter of a successful confectioner that lives and works in an insula close to lowest parts of The Palatine Hill. Grey's mother has the rest of the family as her burden.

Physical stress: 3

Mental stress: 3

Athletics +4
Burglary +3
Stealth +3
Territory +2
Fight +2
Notice +2
Empathy +1
Will +1
Physique +1
Investigate +1

Burglary: Impossible entry, can get through very small holes.
Stealth: Prowl, +2 if hearing is the main possibility to discover Grey
Athletics: Leaper, +2 på hopp

We also did the FATE Core Phase trio to connect the characters with each other. Those stories will be published separately.

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