Saturday, April 18, 2015

Svansglidaren's phase trio story for tSoC, c6

Soon after the senator, Svansglidaren's burden, had moved into his domus (Domus exiguus) the slaves hadn't cared properly for the fire in the kitchen and some still glowing coal fell to the floor and set fire to the mat in front of the toilet. Svansglidaren toppled a bowl of soup and put out the fire.

Grå was in the vicinity to check out the new cat and noticed the incident. Afterwards Grå witnessed about Svansglidaren's readiness to protect his burden even if he would get punished in the process (for toppling the soup bowl and destroying the slaves's breakfast.

Tryggtass was in the house of the new "neighbour" (the domus is next to her insula) to see what the new cat of the house was up to. When she felt the smoke and ran to the kitchen and found Svansglidaren and the toppled soup bowl she showed Svansglidaren the best hiding place in the house so that Svansglidaren didn't get any blame for the toppled bowl. Tryggtass knew the previous cat in the house and thereby knew the house quite well.

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